Potty Training... and Christmas!

For many parents, the festive period seems like an opportune time to start potty training. Typically, we have more time at home due to the holidays and annual leave, AND, being winter, spending time indoors is not so far from the norm anyway. That said... what happens on shopping trips, festive excursions and family visits? It’s a dilemma that could cause some to be put off starting training until the New Year. But don’t be deterred! A ‘dry Christmas’ (from a wee perspective) needn’t be as difficult or stressful as you think, assuming your little one is ready for the transition. Shopping missions and family lunches can all be made potty-training-friendly with the Potette Plus 2 in 1 portable potty and trainer seat. This full size potty folds flat, so it can be fitted into your normal change bag, and it also converts into a folding toilet trainer seat with handles, for when they want to progress to the big toilet. With absorbent liners and a travel bag included, having a Potette Plus to hand is a weight off your mind (and shoulders) at a time when you’re probably already giving little donkey a run for his money! . Sponsored by Potette