Nip nappy rash in the bud this winter

Nappy rash is a common baby gripe, and one that can appear quicker than you can say ‘nappy change’ given the right (or wrong) list of factors! Teething, colds and even some aspects of a healthy diet can all influence baby’s stools, making them more inclined to cause irritation, even after only a short period in contact with their delicate skin.

In Winter, the risk of nappy rash can be increased by there being less potential for nappy-off time, coupled with layered and thick clothing, which can delay ‘poop detection’ by parents. If nappy rash does occur, Metanium has been shown to work quickly to help soothe irritated skin. Metanium also have a barrier cream in their range, to help prevent nappy rash from occurring during high susceptibility early months, when regular bowel movements can hamper even the best preventative actions.

Metanium Nappy Rash Ointment is a medicine. Always read the label.

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