Potty training - it’s more conweenient than you think!

In popular ‘mumversation’ (conversation between mums), ‘Potty training’ is rarely broached without an element of trepidation. It’s a necessity that is often deferred, hence the rise in the number of children starting school without proper toilet training. In 1957, the average age to start training was 11 months, but the NHS says that today’s children are not reliably dry until the age of four, on average. The reasons are many and varied, with the super absorbency of modern nappies partly to blame. On top of this, we’re typically working longer hours, so by the time potty training age (circa 2 years) comes around, it can be hard to establish the continuity needed for the transition out of nappies. CONSISTENCY IS KEY The importance of consistency can’t be underestimated, and when familiarising themselves with the potty and adapting to the process, ‘same, same’ can make all the difference. Using the same potty, and making the concept appealing to a young mind, can be fundamental to success. To help with the consistency (and convenience) element, My Carry Potty have developed a range of fun, portable potty designs that help lend a sense of constancy and comfort to the potty training process. The resultant environment is perfect for allowing them to put their cognitive and motor skills together, to help master the art of nappy-free. It’s worth remembering, though, that to adapt to the potty, children need to have acquired an understanding the natural ‘I need a wee’ signals, and be able to read them in time to get to the potty. Having a My Carry Potty to hand at the opportune moment can be key to initial success, and subsequently bolstering their confidence during this period. Keep in mind, through, that accidents are part of the positive learning process, and nothing works better at encouraging their progress than praise and helping them feel secure. From this stance, it is advisable to choose a potty that allows them to keep their feet firmly on the floor. Once they get to grips with the change, they’ll love the independence of taking their own personal potty wherever they go. For more details visit http://mycarrypotty.com