Getting out and about is a crucial element of mum life. Without it, stresses do have a habit of building up. That said, there are certain conveniences to being at home that can translate into stumbling blocks on play dates and errand runs. One of these is home cooking.

In today’s highly informed times, when the importance of nutrition is well recognised, the pressure and desire to make from scratch puts Mums in a tricky situation. It’s not uncommon to feel torn between needing and wanting to go out, and needing to get ahead with the meal prep. Doing both can seem like an impossible feat sometimes. So....What’s the answer? I’m our survey, 100% of the mums who responded to our poll said that they use leftovers to make baby food. Leftovers do ease the challenge of adapting a home-cooked baby meal plan to busy life, but ensuring you have enough usable ‘scraps’ from an evening meal takes some planning. One answer to ensuring a steady supply of seconds has to be slow (batch) cooking. So highly rated is this approach among mums in the know, that we’re taking the challenge ourselves this November, to see if it helps to ease the challenges of feeding fresh daily, both at home and on the go. The potential of slow cooking for upping baby’s (and your) daily vegetable intake is not to be underestimated. Any number and mixture of vegetables can combined... often with reliable taste success. Then, all you’ll need to translate a tasty dinner into the next day’s lunch is a blender (for younger babies) and a baby thermos if you’re heading out. Let us know how you get on...

No time to cook? Don’t feel bad... there are plenty of back-up solutions for nutritious baby lunches and dinners. Aiming to help take some of the stress out of cooking and busy mum life is new brand Mia & Ben. They’ll be launching soon... so head on over to their Instagram or website to stay in the loop for updates.

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