‘Autumn leaves provide a wonderful sensory experience for children’

Nothing is more appealing to an energetic child than piles of freshly fallen autumn leaves! 🍁So much so, that attempts to resist their knee-jerk-leaf-kicking reactions are mostly futile when walking anywhere at this time of year. The attraction is not surprising, since leaves offer a wonderful sensory experience, boasting colours, textures and sounds that can help promote many aspects of development. Playing with leaves is thought to stimulate the ‘tactile system’ of the body that is required for children to interpret touch. By picking up, piling, throwing and kicking the leaves, children are exposed to a variety of sensory stimulants which help encourage openness to trying new things, as well as increasing cognitive capacity. There’s also physical, creative and emotional benefits, not to mention links to immunological development. After all, the ‘hygiene hypothesis’ theorises that not exposing children to dirt at an early age may be to the detriment of their immune systems. From this stance, autumn leaf play is a recipe for health and learning if ever there was one! . To help children enjoy all the season has to offer, and stay dry and warm in the process, Kidunk Clothing have created a range of warm, breathable waterproof outerwear which is perfect for this time of year. Their teflon coated outfits also zip together for extra protection against the rain and puddles which might otherwise put a dampener on outdoor play. Tag us in your leaf play pictures for a chance to feature in our autumn play gallery, coming soon to www.mums-magazine.co.uk Sponsored by Kidunk Clothing.

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