'The suggestion that wearing a baby carrier is emasculating won’t put me off'

Let’s get one thing straight. Aside from Alan Garner in The Hangover, no man has ever looked cool while sporting a baby carrier. But did this stop me strapping my son to my chest and transporting him wherever he wanted to go? No, it did not. And the suggestion that wearing a baby carrier is emasculating won’t put me off either.

I appreciate Piers Morgan’s comments about Daniel Craig wearing a baby carrier were designed to make hands-on dads angry, but they actually made me sad. Sad that another father’s outdated views mean that he will never experience the joy that fills your heart when your kid gets a fit of the giggles while they are clasped to your front. Despondent that people who think like him will never be filled with the pride that pulses through your veins when a stranger stops to look at your torso and call your little one “cute”.

I’ll never forget these moments or the freedom our baby carrier gave us. During his first year on this planet, our son wanted to be in our arms at all times. It was a productivity slaying nightmare that ended the instant we purchased a baby carrier. In addition to giving us the chance to complete tasks with two hands, wearing our baby enabled us to get out and enjoy bus rides, long walks and adventures. And do you know what? The amount of abuse I got when wearing a baby carrier in public was ridiculous. Just kidding. Not one person said anything negative or looked at me with any expression other than a smile.



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