BABYWEARING - when ‘doing’ and ‘doting’ combine

With chores to do and errands to run - and a baby that just wants to be carried - it is not uncommon to feel like you need an extra pair of hands some days.

If ever there is a perfect answer to mum multitasking - it’s babywearing... and what better time to embrace the approach than International Babywearing Week!? After all, babies are only little for such a short time that babywearing is as much of an opportunity for savouring, as it is salvaging, the precious time of the ‘baby years.’ INSIDE INFO It’s easy to assume that baby carriers are only for walks and activities outside, forgetting that these can also be a savior around the home when there’s meal prep/tidying to be done. Babywearing is also often as necessary as it is convenient, particularly when faced with the dilemma of not being able to leave a baby and toddler alone together. OUT AND ABOUT Hands free isn’t just handy around the home. Swapping your buggy for a sling or carrier is a great idea for those quick trips to the shops or park which are often easier without the construction, deconstruction and manoeuvring of a heavy buggy. SNUG AS A BUG As we head into autumn, babywearing is a fantastic way to keep baby (and yourself) warm and cosy through shared body heat. KEEP CALM & CARRY The Izmi carrier is soft, flexible and supportive and adapts to your baby’s shape, keeping their hips and head in the best possible position. Importantly, the carrier also provides ergonomic support to lessen the physical burden of carrying on your back.

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