The Great Escape

Spending time at home should be the ultimate indulgence, as the ‘home, sweet home’ expression implies. If you’re under 5, though, the sugary connotations can be a bit too literal. Yes, ‘home hyperactivity’ is a very real phenomenon.

FACT: Give kids walls, and they’ll bounce off them.🏡 A nearby outside space is therefore not just a luxury... but a NECESSITY. 

On Get Outside Day, there’s no better time to remind yourself of the chaos antidote that is GETTING OUT! 

Perhaps it’s the fresh air, or the free reign to expend all that surplus energy.... or both. Whatever the secret ingredient, it’s no surprise that the park becomes a parent’s second home. Not quite as comfortable, but just as sweet for the respite it provides. #getoutsideday #park #kids #stircrazy #cabinfever #thegreatescape