The days are LONG, but the years are SHORT

When your day begins at 4.30 am, and it feels like lunch time at 9am, the hours until bed time can seem nothing short of a marathon. . With their early starts and sleep thieving antics, young children bring a whole new meaning to the expression ‘having a long day’. That said, the years fly by faster than ever before with children in the mix.

It’s one of life’s great oxymorons, the simultaneous ABUNDANCE yet ABSENCE of time.

To me, its always been a mystery how 21 long, waking hours can be so much...yet not enough all the same time. Who’s used the excuse ‘there’s not enough time’ to defend the state of the house (or themselves), yet equally witnessed the slow drag that tiredness attaches to those little ticking minute hands? That said, without us even noticing, the minutes, hours and days all eventually consolidate and compress under the cumulative weight of each other. As if by stealth, this natural geography of motherhood subtly changes its very landscape until we wake up one day and ... it’s AUTUMN. The baby is suddenly a 9 month old, the toddler has turned into a boy, and that New Year that seemed like yesterday has suddenly become nearly October... . #timeflies #autumn #mumlife #motherhood #lifewithkids