All is quiet...(almost)

Quiet time is a rare and much dreamt about commodity once you become a parent. In some cases, it’s actually possible to forget what silence sounds like until such point as everything falls quiet, and you realise just how noisy your ‘normal’ has become. . Take the typical family home, for example. Full of fun, laughter, tantrums and chatter. Constant chatter! When all this stops, it’s as close as you’ll ever get to ‘quiet time’. Even with an ever-present Fireman Sam background soundtrack... the moments are golden. . Since today Is National quiet day, we’re raising a glass to the beauty of the not-quite-silent-but-quiet-enough times. The down time that allows thoughts to be heard and ears to be rested in some dulcet tv tones, if only for ten minutes! . . . #nationalquietday #silence #alliscalm