10 Steps to Help Balance Life as a Mum

Inner-critics - No matter what you do, how or when you do it, guilt and overwhelm will be a key feature to balancing life as a mum. Remember that your own self-care is paramount in managing both of these. If you look after yourself first, you’ll be able to carry out your mum duties without having to compromise.

Socialise - Make time to socialise but do not pressure yourself to be socialising all the time. Life is different now. It’s important to be an ‘adult' regularly as it’s easy to get caught up in mum-mode and forget your socialising skills. It helps to keep you balanced and appreciate what’s at homeland enjoy both more.

Work - Leave work at the office. This is a difficult one but once you do, you’ll be better equipped for what lies ahead when you get home. You’ll enjoy both more and realise how much better you are at managing life when your time is given to these things within their timeframes.

Partners - If you have a partner, do spend alone time with them or if you’re single, go on dates. Partnership and Companionship are your key support systems. By spending regular time alone with them, you fulfil your needs as a woman and support theirs as it’s easy for mum’s to get caught up in the new mum-life and ‘forget’ about the partners but we need them and they need us.

Help - Ensure you have a good network for support. Childcare is probably the most important. You’ll have nursery covered but what about those times when you want to go out? Organise your babysitter, grandparents included for when you will need the support. It’ll one less thing for you to think about and makes your life much easier to manage.

Self-Care - Every day, without fail. You will benefit yourself and every single person around you. If you don’t care for yourself, you can easily get swept up lion mental health challenges like depression. Put your needs first, this does not make you a bad mum, it makes you a great mum. You’ll be leading by example and your kid will thank you for it when they’re 30!

Organisation - You’ll need to become ninja at managing your time. Start making lists/make your lists much more achievable. There is no way you’ll be able to do what you used to do in a day. Using a calendar and planning important day to day things like who’s picking up the kid, who’s doing the shopping, chores etc will help you to see your week more clearly and it soon becomes a lot more manageable.

Social Media - Reduce the time spent on social media. It sucks the life out of you. It’s never going to be helpful seeing ‘perfect’ mums - they are lies btw. Don’t get distracted by people’s best bits, be present for yours and stop comparing yourself especially on the bad days.

Go Out - Literally go outside often. Not only will the kid enjoy it, you’ll also get timer free thinking and connecting to yourself. Helping to prevent PTSD, depression and other mum-related ailments.

Being Present - When you’re with your kid(s), only be with your kids. Being on the phone, doing work, being distant will make the child feel less engaged with you and this is for the benefit of the both of you. You’ll remember why you have them, why they make your life so much more wonderful and believe me, they’ll thank you for it in the end.

Puja K McClymont | NLP Life & Business Coach and Reiki Practitioner at Frankly Coaching.