Always the photographer...

It’s a common gripe for Mums that, of all the hundreds of pictures they have of their children, they are probably only featured in about a handful of them.

Mums are invariably the ones always doing the photo-taking. We’re the first ones to get our cameras out when the kids are doing something particularly cute, new or exciting, since we recognise the value in these captured moments, and the joy and importance of being able to look back on them in months and years to come. The down side of being designated family photographer is, however, that we rarely feature in any of our own albums. The sadness of this is not from a self-indulgent perspective. But rather from a forward thinking stance and the lack of tangible evidence of the precious mother/daughter or mother/son relationship the children will have once they are grown up. Memories are all very well, but a picture tells a thousand words, particularly when it’s of a childhood memory being re-visited through adult eyes. 

So, the message to anyone reading this is...TAKE THE PICTURE. If you see a mum photographing her children, offer to let her be in the frame. The small gesture carries infinite benefits. For the mum who, in years to come, will find comfort in recalling the moments that might have otherwise gotten lost in the ‘motherhood fog’ - (an inevitable and very real side effect of baby brain, parenting chaos and sleep deprivation.) Also, for the children, for whom pictures with their mum will probably be as few and far between as they are priceless.

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