Saving money on baby shopping

When you’re expecting, you’ll inevitably be inundated with cute outfits and baby grows from family and friends, for your new arrival. Of course, these will come in handy when your little one needs a change every hour, but what about the bigger essentials. The experts at PIWoP, the price drop alert tool, know how important it is to save money when you have a baby on the way. Here are their tips on how to shop savvy for your new arrival.

Use pregnancy freebies

There are dozens of different schemes and groups for you to join when you’re expecting that send you offers and vouchers to help you save. You can also research store’s loyalty schemes. For example, Boots baby club offer you 10p back on every £1 you spend on their baby range.

Don’t be drawn in

There’s always new innovations and technology that claim to revolutionise parenting, but don’t believe it all. You probably didn’t have all of these gadgets as a baby and are just fine. Be realistic about what’s essential and what is a luxury.

Buy second hand

The price of a new pram can cost hundreds of pounds and are only used for a couple of years before it’s thrown away. You can save a lot of money by buying second hand. Keep an eye on parenting groups for people selling items their babies have grown out of.

Start early

As soon as the test comes up positive, start shopping as it will spread the cost over a few months. You should make a list of everything you want to buy so you can properly budget throughout your pregnancy. This will avoid big bills and added stress near you due date.

Look out for bargains

Everyone loves a sale - getting full price items for less! The PIWoP tool is a great at saving you time when it comes to finding bargains. You can create lists of items you want but are perhaps a bit out of price range. You set the amount you are willing to pay and PIWoP notifies you when items have dropped to your desired purchasing price, or below.

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