REVIEW: Thule Urban Glide 2

Finding time to exercise around family life is a common problem in today's time-stretched lifestyles. There’s often the motivation, but not necessarily the means, making for a particularly frustrating situation for the scores of 'gym mummies' in waiting. 

However, rather than putting fitness on the back burner, or holding out for the gym once the children start school, there is another option. The running buggy.   This relatively modern take on the push chair concept is rapidly catching on as THE answer to keeping fit with kids, and much more besides. For clearing the mind, boosting energy and improving mood, there no better solution it seems.  As one of the modern running mummy masses, I for one can vouch for the brilliance of the strap-in-stride-out fitness method. Leaving the chaos and constrains of home behind for half an hour of fresh air and freedom with your little one is invigorating at the best of times, and a miracle-worker at the worst! The process of actually getting out of the house (never an easy feat it has to be said!) has never been quite as hassle free as when trialling the Thule Urban Glide 2. This innovative running buggy folds out in seconds with one swivel action, meaning you can get from parked to pavement in just as long as it takes you to strap in your little one and tie up your laces.

Once you're out, the locking front wheel and 16” rear wheels make for some unrivalled one-handed maneuverability. Great for when you want to keep one arm free for momentum. Combined with the first class suspension, ergonomic handlebar and twist hand brake (for speed control on hilly terrain), the Urban Glide lends a degree of independence to the buggy running concept that its ‘kids-in-tow’ nature would normally not allow for. Though designed with independence in mind, the Urban Glide has remembered its family roots with its large cargo basket - perfect for changing essentials, water and post-run snacks. A child’s comfort has also been as much of a consideration in the design as ergonomics, with the suspension, reclining seat and padded five point harness all combining for your little passenger’s comfort. They’ll no doubt be equally at home spectating as napping under the shade of the multi-position canopy, which also benefits from side-ventilation windows and compartments for toys. 

Designed with both mum and child equally in mind, the Thule Urban Glide 2 is the perfect solution to the Motherhood Paradox. That is, the common yet competing desire for independence yet closeness (such is complex nature of 'old-me' vs. 'Mum- me' angst.) By this token, the opportunity that Thule has created to be mum, yet at the same time be active, independent and self-investing, is a small step for me, but certainly a giant leap for 'mum kind' in general. 

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