Alternative beauty tips (for when sleep is not an option)

Once you become a parent, complex skincare regimes become a thing of the past. As does, I’m sad to say, one of the main pillars of youth and beauty... sleep.

So, rather than writing just another beauty column, full of musings on sleeping more, avoiding caffeine and drinking plenty of water, I’ve decided to turn all that we know about beauty on its head and go in pursuit of an alternative approach to not looking old and knackered once you become a mum. The approach takes into account the relative impossibility of most of the basic beauty-boosting luxuries, 8 hours in bed included. Instead, it focuses on the fail safes that will keep skin healthy against the odds and help it weather the inevitable storm of sleep deprivation and stress.

So, if you can’t get more than 4 hours kip for love nor money, you Water Wipe your face and call it cleansing, and scraps are your closest thing to skin-friendly superfoods, try these tips instead: Chill out One way of counteracting the eye bags of a 4am start is to splash your face with the coldest water you can bare. One step further is the cold shower which, if you can stand it even for a few seconds, will almost certainly pay dividends on your face. Scrub up Rather than foaming your face with some indiscriminate cleanser and hoping for the best, use the Foreo Luna Mini. The clever hand held device massages to stimulate circulation, making your product more effective and priming the skin for moisturiser. After only a minute of use, focusing on the key ‘saggy’ points such as the chin line and forehead, my face felt invigorated and even had a semblance of a glow, dare I say! Shade in a pot While there is little that can be done to prevent sleep deprivation, there is one ageing factor we CAN protect our skin against. The sun. KYPRIS' Pot of Shade is the lightest sunscreen I have yet to come across, and gives a lovely dewy finish that seemingly softens the overall impression of the complexion. Give it a spritz A facial spritz is one way of refreshing your skin and replacing lost moisture when you’re constantly on the go. AMLY Silver Rich Face Mist contains Hyaluronic Acid and botanicals extracts which nourish the skin, while herbs and essential oils provide a relaxing, sensory lift which is ideal for incorporating moments of mindfulness into the chaos of your day. Smooth the lines Once or twice a day, apply Bobbi Brown extra soothing balm - a gorgeous pink and silky vitamin-enriched salve - to the areas most inclined to dryness and lines, including the ‘crows feet area’, lids and forehead. Give it some lip Dry, cracked lips are often one of the first tell tale sings of a beauty regime gone to pot. Softening them up with a balm such as Elemental Herbology lip nourish is one of the quickest and easiest ways to look less parched overall, with the lip smoothing shea and avocado providing a token sheen to an otherwise no make up look!