Baking summer

TODDLER SNACK BARS - is there a better alternative? All toddlers love snacks... sometimes a little too much. So what can you do when your little one is getting through their cereal and fruit bar stash at a rate of knots? Not only are these bars relatively expensive, but there is also often an element of concern attached to the manufactured nature of these products. Yes, they’re free from any nasty ingredients supposedly, but still, could there be a better option? Home made is inevitably always the way to go if you’re worried about processed foods, but this is a luxury our modern busy lives are often not particularly conducive to. Beyond taking out shares in Organix (other snack brands are available) or resigning yourself to the kitchen at all hours of the day, what’s the solution? If there is one trend that all the most influential #instamums are being snapped embracing this summer, it’s home bakes. ‘Baking improv (improvisation)’ is - to those yet to catch on - the latest ‘in thing’ on the ‘gram! The experimental technique sees Mums creating their own recipes, or putting their own take on existing ones, in true bake-off style, with many little ones also joining in on the action. The end goal is not only to set an example on all things home economics, but to also take control of their nutrition in the most proactive and fun way possible. And the good news..? It takes half the time and effort you might think. An appealing ulterior motive for Mums is the prospect of some guilt free snacking themselves, since the bites and bakes are as good for little, big appetites as they are for parent pick-me-ups (with or without a strong coffee!). If that’s not an incentive to mix things up in the kitchen this summer, nothing is!