Beddy Buys - the most useful nursery and sleep products

By its very nature, bedtime has the potential to be one of the most relaxing and enjoyable parts of a child’s daily routine. All the key components - warm bubble baths, cuddles, books and milk - are as magical as they are important, particularly when it comes to facilitating sleep, and therefore growth and development. This aside, bedtime can sometimes be a tricky ship to steer, particularly if a child is reluctant to bring playtime to an end. Then there’s the challenges of night wakings, and how to ensure they (and you) get the best quality and quantity of shut eye each night. There are a number of products that can help with creating an optimal sleep environment, and which can assist with overcoming some of the main concerns and hurdles that parents face with sleep and bedtime. We’ve been busy putting these to the test, and you can read all about them at

The current edit includes Summer Infant's Sure Sight Digital Video Monitor, A little Lovely Company's cloud night light and the My Hummy Snoozy.

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