Bump style

There was a time when maternity style meant little more than smocks and swing tops. By today’s standards, these floaty, tent-esque styles did little to showcase the beauty of a growing baby bump. Instead, they lent more to a very conservative gestational look; one that took ‘bump skimming’ to a whole new level.

Thankfully, pregnancy style has moved with the times, giving women greater opportunity to not only show off their blossoming bellies to whatever extent they so desire, but to also maintain an element of their pre-pregnancy style in the process. 

Such is the cut and quality of some modern maternity wear that it could even be deemed a trend in its own right. This is particularly so now that brands such as Seraphine and Isabella Oliver have set a president with their capsule pieces that lend just as well to bump style, as they do mum style. 

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Gallery features Christine Keys @christine_keys, Annette Kellow @annettekellow (wearing @Seraphine) and Tiffany Sharp @tiffany_and_ro