REVIEW: Sure Sight 2.0 Digital Video Monitor

With traditional audio only monitors, parents can often find themselves going up and down stairs repeatedly in response to baby’s various mumblings and cries. Some of the time, these noises are little more than slumber sounds, and baby might well resettle themselves without assistance. A baby monitor which allows parents to differentiate between a wake up and a false alarm is a must have if ever there was one. After all, pacing the stairs is not only frustrating, but it can potentially disturb baby’s slumber in itself. The Sure Sight 2.0 Digital Video Baby Monitor features high resolution, colour digital technology which, coupled with its night vision setting, allows you to click to see baby’s movements, and even zoom in to make a proper assessment. A high sensitivity microphone and sound activated LED light act as a reliable alert to little ones’ movements, and the onscreen nursery temperature display allows you to maintain an optimal nursery environment. As and when baby does need tending to, the soft glow nightlight makes resettling easier by allowing just enough light to feed, relocate a missing dummy, or change a nappy, for example, without being so bright as to wake a drowsy little one out of their sleepy state.

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