REVIEW: A Little Lovely Company cloud light

Parents often know only too well that bedtime can be greeted with some reluctance, especially when up against the unabating novelty of play time. But where soft toys, books or even themed bedding might fail to make sleep more inviting, the Little Lovely Company’s cloud light could just well succeed. This small LED night light is not only endearing to children, with it's little smiley face, but it also has the added advantage over other night lights of being cordless, with the potential to move wherever a child desires. The size is perfect for a night stand, and it emits just the right amount of hue to facilitate reading, or to take the edge off the dark, without being overstimulating or impairing sleep in the process. For added reassurance, the light is also child safe and made from BPA- and phthalate free PVC. £12.95 from