Easy peasy nutrition

Peas have long been considered a children’s dinnertime favourite, and this is praise indeed for a member of the otherwise much fussed-over vegetable family. 

As many parents know, developing little ones’ tastes for greens can be a frustrating process of trial and error,  not to mention a battle of wills and indecision. The latter challenges are inevitably the most frustrating of all. After all, nothing is more inclined to incite a maddened mummy meme than a toddler executing his right to change his mind when it comes to carrots. Quite why peas are so often exempt from the changes of heart (and palate) that see other greens shoved to the sidelines is open to debate. Perhaps it’s the relative sweetness, or the novelty factor of trying to spearhead each one against all buttery, slippery aversion? Today’s children are probably too young to remember the Green Giant ambitions of a generation ago, but certainly older children’s dinners might be incentivised with some big, strong promises by parents. Babies, while too young to appreciate the fun of getting as many peas into one plate-to-mouth motion as possible, will love the adaptive flavour which lends as well to fruit as it does savoury purees. As they grow, peas represent an ideal finger food for safe self-feeding, and are a quick cook solution to no-time-to-spare dinners and little, big (healthy) appetites. 

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