Bring sexy back!

Who remembers ‘My So Called Life’? You know...that 90’s teen series most memorable for Claire Danes and Jared Leto making out at every given opportunity? I for one can recall more detail about this angst-ridden teenage drama than I should care to admit, probably for no other reason than it was a veritable snog fest if ever there was one. When you’re hurtling towards womanhood, and snogging is the be all and end all, Claire Danes’ ‘so called snog-filled life’ really was as good as it got. As far as the subject of smooching went, it was quite simple. If you weren’t doing it, you were talking about it, and if you weren’t talking about it... well, you were probably thinking about it. The struggle was real! Little did Claire and Jared realise, their passionately played out scenes were not only snog fodder, but also a useful ‘how to’ for necking novices everywhere. In hindsight, those infamous boiler room scenes were probably as subtle an application of the ‘sex sells’ theory as the programme’s makers could get away with within the teen remit. And didn’t we (the ever curious 15 year old audience) know it? Besides wondering if I’m the only mid-thirty year old reminiscing (and cringing) at a teenage fascination with fictional on-screen frolickings, I’m also wanting to know where all that romanticism to kissing went? I could be generalising, but I would hasten a guess that the novelty of snogging went parallel to actual usage of the term ‘snogging.’ As adults, kissing is often consigned to the realms of the normal and the everyday. Before sex was on the cards, kissing was a main event in itself, something that the length of time an average session would last was surely testament to. In its post-teen guise, as little more than a sexual aperitif, the take it or leave it attitude often prevails. The slippery slope of kissing abstinence is often to the expense of intimacy, leaving many pondering their ‘so called (sex) life’. Oh, The irony! Given the pivotal role of kissing in intimacy, should we all be bringing sexy back with some long, drawn out snog sessions? If so, perhaps the best way of doing this is to remove the ‘sexpectation’ associated with kissing that can - for the exhausted and apathetic - be a significant deterrent. Revisiting the kiss is isolation may... just may, stoke the fires in those old, 35 year old boiler rooms yet!

#kissing #InternationalKissingDay