What's with the wedgies?

I’ll come clean... I am a HUGE Love Island fan. But I have one question...? Just what is the deal with this year’s ‘not-quite-a-thong but-almost’ bikini trend, as sported by the majority of the ladies in the villa? I can’t quite work out if the V cut to the ladies' bikini bottoms are by design, or by some some deliberate ‘self-wedgeying’ (yes, I made that word up) in order to achieve the desired one quarter derrière coverage that seems to be so on trend. With the bum to bikini ratio now more risqué than ever, female fans of the show will probably be torn between wondering if a) they too can pull off this summer’s bare bum look, and b) if they’d even want to, given half the chance! After all, standard bikini bottoms can feel exposing enough, and that’s with all the excessive (by today’s standard) material covering our white and wobbly bits. Take those away and what have we got? The closest feeling to naturism it’s possible to get without going bottomless, perhaps.

So how do the Love Islanders pull it off with such confidence, especially knowing the whole of the UK is perusing their posterior? Quite simply... it comes down to confidence. Pulling off this look takes so much more so than the bikini body workout plan one might presume. In fact, tone, shape and size is secondary to the ability to perfect a catwalk style strut... or the Love Island strut as I'll call it for the sake of this article. Walking like you think you’re the bee's knees, even if you don’t feel it, can dramatically alter your posture and body image, creating the potential to pull off even the most unlikely of looks... thong bikinis included. But how can we too master the Love Island strut, body confidence issues aside? The answer may lie in the imagination, or more specifically, the power to visualise yourself taut, tanned, tall and totally terrific. Confidence coaches might say that inches can be lost and gained all at once by simply improving your posture. Picture an invisible string pulling your shoulders back as you walk, and another tied around your waist, to deter the slouching and slumping that is ultimately what undermines self image more than size and shape. The subsequent improvement in posture is the making of a ‘beach body’, in the non media-hyped sense of the word. That is, your body. On a beach. Happy and confident... even if those buns are more (orange) peel than steel.