Me time, tea time!

Mum treats aren’t just a luxury, they are a necessity. 

In terms of what constitutes a treat, most mums would agree their stance on this changed post-children. Typically, the chance to indulge is the small luxuries they once took for granted - hot drinks, getting dressed up, sitting down to eat, and holding a conversation - would be a luxury if ever there was one. It stands to good reason then, that Afternoon Tea has to be the ultimate mum treat. Here’s why: Perfect timing Afternoon tea is typically at 2/3pm, as the name implies, making it a potentially achievable treat to organise around children’s school and club pick ups etc. It is also usually only an hour or two long, so again perfect for the typically tight modern mum schedule. Bring on the caffeine! If there is one way to lift energy levels out of the doldrums of broken sleep and 24/7 ‘mumming’, a cup of freshly brewed tea is inevitably always the answer. We might often try the ‘hot tea’ trick at home, but be thwarted by the seemingly rapid cooling process that occurs while nappies are changed, washing is hung and hungry mouths are fed. Pass the fizz! As if hot tea wasn’t luxury enough, afternoon tea makes it perfectly acceptable to drink a glass of fizz in daylight hours.  Scone forever! Scones with clotted cream and jam are ‘treat eats’ personified. They are surely the only food that can feel fabulously refined yet wickedly naughty at the same time. All that lavish dipping and dolloping amid an atmosphere of white table clothes, silverware and China creates a best of both worlds experience that fulfils every mum’s need to be piggy yet polished in this temporary tea-centred world away from measly morsels and messy buns.