Ladies... lose the ‘beer fear’

There was a time when beer was the reserve of the bearded and the burly. Never would a woman have been caught propping up a bar, pint in hand... until now, that is! Yes, finally, more and more women are choosing pints over wine or spirits, having cottoned on at great last to the pros of grain over grape when it comes to relaxing with a cold beverage. In spite of these advancements, a large proportion of women are still suffering from what can only be described as ‘beer fear.’ That is... the fear of the supposed judgement, the bitter taste and even the weight gain associated with this drink. But what is the truth in these myths, if any, and how did they come about? Man marketing Who can deny, marketing briefs for beer are still very much geared to a male audience. Even the advertisements that have featured women have been somewhat lost on female audiences. Take Boddintons, for example, famed in the early 90s for their ‘by ‘eck’ spouting, pint-swiping, beer-moustache-wiping antics. A far cry from the classy image the female masses probably want to portray whilst enjoying a beverage of contrary connotations. Luckily, it has now become more socially acceptable for women to drink a pint without incurring the ladette label. Figure fears Many women associate beer with developing a “beer belly”. In terms of calories, wine has gram for gram more than beer, making beer a potentially better option from a weight management perspective. Taste Beer is one of those drinks many women try once and spurn forever, much to the expense of the wider culinary and social experience it represents. The reality is, there is much more to beer than an experimental sip from a tinny ten years ago gives it credit for. Modern brewing methods mean there is a range of beer styles boasting a variety of flavours, notes and mouthfeels to suit even the most sceptical of taste buds. Glassware The idea of a pint is often a deterrent in itself to women. Such volume of liquid is neither conducive to an aperitif, nor a meal accompaniment. With the craft beer boom, however, there has been a welcome shift in glasswear which sees quality over quantity prevailing. Taking into account the above, there’s no better time to lose the ‘beer fear’ and embrace all the taste value (and even health benefits in moderation) that beer has to offer. The women’s pro-beer movement may ironically go ‘against the grain’ of old school femininity, but it’s a fitting testament to one of the world’s oldest and most popular beverages that it has successfully adapted into our ever-changing climate of equality.

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