Gin up!

Recent years have seen gin become the hallmark of a good night in. No longer content with a glass of wine or beer, today’s ‘night inners’ are stepping up their game with cocktails and mixers to rival some of the best bars. And how do we know? Because the trophy tipples are all framed and filtered to perfection then posted on Instagram by way of virtual ‘clinkies’ with the gin-drinking masses. Such is gin’s most recent popularity that an influx of gin-based merchandise has worked its way into retailers such as notonthehighstreet and even John Lewis. We just can’t get enough, so it seems. So why is it that sales of gin have hit a record high in the UK? In particular, why is it that so many mums are boasting a love affair with what was essentially once a fairy lacklustre tipple? Nobody can deny the cool, sophisticated appeal of a long, cool G&T, and for mums in particular, this is a large part of the appeal. Raising young children does, after all, require forgoing so many basic niceties that the importance of ‘value over volume’ rings true when it comes to a post bedtime tipple. An alternative stand point is that it is the diversity of gin that makes it so universally appealing. With a plethora of recipes, garnishes, flavours and styles available, gin represents the modern need for new, exciting and different in almost all aspects of our lives, from travel to food. Another important factor behind the trend is the sense of local provenance that gin imbues. More and more of us are preferring to buy from local, smaller scale companies, and the growing number of craft and artisan distilleries popping up is representative of this shift in buying trends.