Keep kids safe online

According to research by Kaspersky Lab, 87 per cent of parents don’t restrict how much time their young children spend online – and only 13 per cent of parents install online security.

In light of these findings, David Emm, Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab, says “children are fortunate in that the technology available to them enables them to easily swipe and click to access entertainment or information from such a young age. We want to ensure that this freedom to explore the world can continue without sacrificing their emotional safety."

Having parental controls in place and reviewing the default settings per app are two very small steps that we, as parents, can take. Further steps include: 1. Supervision – This may seem obvious, but supervise your child’s internet use. Encourage them to visit and stay on websites you’re familiar with. If you have any concerns, look at their browsing history. Be sure to know about any password-protected sites they may be accessing and ask them to share their login details with you. 2. Be open – Encourage your child to be open about what they are doing online and who they are socialising with. Promote a culture of safety within the home and talk about the possible dangers which exist. 3. Protect your family – Use parental controls to block access to sites you don’t want your child looking at as part of your online security product – it’s an easy way to avoid disaster. Review the default settings on each app that your child uses to ensure that the camera or microphone, for example, aren’t needlessly turned on as these can pose a threat.