REVIEW: Loullou 1st Play Gym

At 16 weeks old, baby Margot was beginning to reach out, grasp and roll, making it the perfect time to introduce her to the Loullou 1st Play Gym.

This beautifully simple Danish designed wooden play gym has to be one of the easiest products to put together that I have come across in all my flat-pack building days. There are no screws or glue, and instead it relies on an interlocking system of one bar and two frames with wedges to hold it all together. Besides being easy to assemble, it is just as simple to de-construct - an invaluable advantage for the end-of-day tidy away, or when needing to quickly adapt a room for older children and boisterous toddlers!

I found the play gym itself to be ideal for encouraging Margot’s new-found curiosity and tactility, particularly as it lends to accessorising with a variety of toys (not just the ones included) and at just the right grabbing distance for inquisitive little fingers.

In the thick of newborn home life, when brightly coloured plastic ‘stuff’ abounds, the natural look and feel of this product was a beyond refreshing addition - and not just from a clutter-loathing parent’s perspective. Margot’s slowly developing senses also seemed to appreciate the subtle introduction to colour and texture provided by the pastel tones and soft plywood. These key features, together with the absence of over-stimulating lights and noises, paved the way for a healthy dose of what some might call ‘organic play,’ to help counterbalance the often unavoidable chaos and noise of the modern world, and life as a second child!

For parents looking for a play gym with traditional appeal, that complements rather than clutters their home, then the Loullou 1st Play Gym is likely to be your best buy. Novel, neutral and natural (the product is finished with only eco-certified paints and beeswax), the 1st Play Gym is the perfect 'framework' for supporting baby's development, from a sensory and also an environmental (chemical free) perspective.

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