Discovering Bekonscot

It’s often the smallest things that capture a child’s imagination the most, and Bekonscot Model Village & Railway is a testament to the power of pocket-size. Generations of children have long been fascinated by this tiny town which, located at the heart of Beaconsfield, never fails to amaze with its miniature streets, homes, shops and people. The popularity with young visitors is unsurprising, since Bekonscot represents an opportunity for some suped-up sight-seeing. Where else can you see a funfair, shops, a circus and a race track, and all in less than an hour?

All aboard A firm favourite for little visitors is the miniature railway that winds its way through the village. Over the bridges, round the bends and through the tunnels, the little engines make their eagerly awaited circuit throughout the day, to the delight of their awaiting audience. As if that wasn't enough for avid train fans (young and old), there’s even the chance to take a ride-on tour on the back of a one of the village's somewhat bigger, driver-operated engines.

Little extras Those with energy still to burn can enjoy the outside play area and it’s climbing/sliding apparatus, before stopping for refreshments at the on-site cafe or ice cream bar. Alternatively, families can venture beyond the village to the nearby Jung’s for a more substantial meal, snack or pastry treat. No matter your children’s age, Bekonscot is certainly worth a visit. The tiny time-warp town has a universal appeal owing to its intricacy in detail, yet simplicity in nature. The result is a winning formula for captivating the curiously of adults and young children alike. Complementing the somewhat 'dolls house appeal' is the real-time railway element, which not only brings the artificial 1930's community to life, but also offers the ultimate train spotting experience for little fans. So while Beckonscot has all the right ingredients of a popular tourist attraction, it is also - and perhaps more notably - a reliable family go-to for keeping the kids entertained this summer. The expression ‘it takes a village’ has - in this case - never been more true!