Walk this way! The benefits of baby-wearing

Parenting a young baby is no walk in the park, but ironically enough, this could be the very thing to help turn some of the main difficulties around. For all the energy and motivation it might require initially, striding out in the fresh air goes a long way to restoring both mind and body, and is the perfect 'fill your cup first' solution to meeting the demands of early motherhood.

Some of the main benefits of baby-wearing walks are:

Relieving tiredness

Sleepless nights and the resultant fatigue are unquestionably one of the hardest parts of life with a newborn. Physical activity may be the last thing you feel like doing, but once you're past the front door, chances are you’ll be pleased you made the effort as just being outside is often enough to tap into those all-important energy reserves.

Postnatal strength

After birth, walking is the perfect ‘easy does it’ re-introduction to exercise, and can help to rebuild physical strength and tone without impeding recovery or over-taxing the body during this delicate postpartum period.

Improved posture

Posture can often fall by the wayside during pregnancy, and even more so after birth with the sedentary nature of a regular feeding regime. If there is one thing that baby-wearing demands it is good posture, as the shoulders naturally pull back to support the baby's weight. Regular baby-wearing walks can therefore be a good way of breaking a slouching habit and cultivating the wellbeing benefits of improved alignment.

Beating Cabin Fever

'Cabin fever' is a common symptom of being at home on maternity leave, and one that is quickly remedied by escaping the four walls within which feelings of claustrophobia can inevitably develop after a period of time.

Close to baby

New babies need regular cuddles and physical contact, so baby-wearing offers the perfect way to fulfil this need without sacrificing opportunities for activities outside the home.

Hands free

Baby wearing walks are perfect for multi-tasking mums, leaving both hands free for carrying on with daily chores and activities, including refilling that all-important (coffee) cup!,