National Lost Sock Day

May 9, 2018


Few family households are immune from the infamous 'sock monster' and the frustrating phenomenon of socks (and in particular, NEW socks) entering, but rarely leaving, the washing machine together. The mythical theory is all well and good, but the real-world explanation for all those missing pairs is anyone’s guess. Interestingly, the washing process is not the only catalyst behind the disappearing act, as babies and toddlers seem equally adept at magicking one foot bare at the blink of an eye! 

So what is the solution to a) preventing lost socks and b) making good use of those seemingly useless odd ones? 


Keep them together 

Using a mesh wash bag can help to keep all your socks together every time you put a load on.



These genius inventions help to prevent little feet from wriggling out of their socks.



Make a feature 
Hang your spare socks up until the lost one reappears with a cute wall hanger such as this one from Mollie & Fred



Old socks, when worn on the hands, make useful reuseable dusters.

Make a monkey 
Sock monkeys are a novel way of turning odd socks into something the kids will love.


What do you do with your spare socks?

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