BFF (breastfeeding friendly) fashion

Hurrah! There's more to nursing attire than flappy, poppered tops after all!

Once you've given birth, you might relish in the idea of resurrecting your pre-pregnancy wardrobe, and the opportunity to dress for style as opposed to stretch for the first time in nine months. That is, until you decide to breastfeed and realise you'll have to wait a bit longer still before 90% of the clothes you own are wearable again. The fact is, breastfeeding demands easy access, something most fashion is not conducive to. Or is it? Before you reach for the credit card to fund a range of specifically designed nursing clothes, why not consider the hidden feeding potential lurking behind the current trends! After all, there is nothing a few buttons, zip, wrap or clever laying can't do to match the practicality of all those specifically designed pieces which, lets face it, can often lack the feel good factor that is so important during the postpartum period.


Any top or dress that has front buttons could effectively be a nursing top, as far as the new mum shopper is concerned. With most High Street shops stocking an array of these style items, there luckily aren't many places that are off limits to the nursing mum seeking some retail therapy.


Front zips are the best invention for easy access, which ultimately is what every mum with a hungry baby needs.


Wrap tops and dresses are a practical wardrobe essential, and fortunately can be found relatively easily on the high street. You might even already own items of this style that you never imagined would come in so useful at the time of purchase.

Tie front

Tie fronts are almost as good as the zip, but with the downfall of risking slightly more exposure given the often low cut of these styles. Still, they make a useful addition to your nursing wardrobe and can be worn with a nursing cami top underneath for a bit more coverage.

Layer and lift

There aren't many tops that don't work with this feeding method. Simply wear a nursing cami underneath any top or jumper, and all you need to do is lift up and fold down the base cami feed. Suddenly those old sweaters are looking more wearable after all!

What key pieces have you found on the High Street to suit your feeding and fashion needs?

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