'Family pets can promote calm and happy households'

There are many benefits for both children and dogs who are raised together in a safe and happy relationship. Dogs can develop their confidence and become better socialised, and will therefore be more comfortable in social and novel situations. This also means that they are less likely to react negatively to either familiar or unfamiliar people. The numerous benefits for children include: • more positive relationships • a reduction in potential health problems • increased exercise • confidence-building • being less fearful of dogs, in general (and other animals, too, hopefully), is obviously extremely beneficial in society Studies reveal that owning pets increases immunity, and being around dogs in particular can teach children about the importance of exercise, and help promote a healthy and active lifestyle. And, of course, the benefits to mental health are also well known: interaction with animals reduces stress for both dog and child, and can promote calm, relaxed, happy households. Dogs can provide security and companionship, as well as help teach responsibility and empathy.

Babies, kids and dogs: creating a safe and harmonious relationship, published by Hubble & Hattie

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