'I set up my blog on maternity leave'

I was a TV Director and Filmmaker on maternity leave when I set up my blog, Honest Mum. At the time I felt pretty lost and alone as I was struggling from a traumatic birth. I never expected blogging to become my new career but as technology grew and I realised I was earning more from my blog than my day-job, and in a flexible way that worked around my family, I pivoted to full-time blogging. I’ve not looked back since! My blog was an emotional lifeline for me back in 2010: it gave me purpose and a creative space to call my own, and later, a new career that was brimming with life-changing opportunities. I love how democratic and empowering blogging and vlogging is.

I think everyone’s blog differs from each other as it’s the voice that’s unique. No blog is the same. I have created a magazine style format with personal pieces but also interviews, guest posts from other creatives and I cover various genres from food to fashion and the arts.

It’s certainy a juggle, but I own my schedule which helps and whilst it’s a full time job, it works around my kids. I love that I feel stimulated every single day and no day is ever the same. The downsides have been a relatively small amount of trolling and I had to deal with libel a few months back but I’m such a positive person, I get right back up again and fearlessly keep putting my art out into the world. I can’t wait to share my book Mumboss with others (it’s out on May 3rd), hopefully inspiring many budding mumbosses out there.


Write consistently, work hard at overcoming self-doubt by surrounding yourself with positive people who want the best for you and lift you up but most of all always think of your reader and how you can help others. Let those results keep your confidence up.

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