How to babyproof your home

Babyproofing is essential for little toddlers - their inquisitive nature does not mix well with the hazards found in every home. The Fred Safety range provides lots of durable and easy-to-fit solutions that discreetly fit throughout your home to give you peace of mind while those little ones run around.

Corner Protectors

£6.99 Pack of 8 Available in Pure White or Dark Grey

We all know that gut wrenching fear when your little one runs dangerously close to a sharp table corner! Give yourself peace of mind by using corner protectors. When Fred’s adhesive corner protectors are stuck in place, they stay in place and are thin enough to protect both the top and underside of a table corner.

Safety gates

From £120-150.00

Safety gates have become stylish! Combining contemporary modern design with uncompromising levels of safety, Fred has created the Clear-View Screw Fit and Pressure Fit Stair Gates. Strong and durable, these gates are also much easier to fit than traditional designs. Screw-fit gates can be used anywhere in the home including the top of the stairs.

Every week over 100 of our under 5’s are hospitalised for accidental poisoning, so this where cupboard and drawer locks come in. It seems a bit bewildering at first as there are so many to choose from, but if you stop and consider how many shapes and sizes of cupboards and drawers there are it is hardly surprising! Some fit inside the cupboard, others are visible on the outside – think chemicals, medicines, knives and other sharp or breakable objects when deciding which cupboards to lock up. All the Fred cupboard locks fit with powerful adhesive as we know how much hassle using screws can be.

Invisible Magnet Lock

£12.99 Pack of 2

When only a proper lock will do, Fred’s Invisible Magnet Lock hides inside your cupboards and drawers and is quick to fit with a unique tool that does all the tricky lining up for you. Access to the cupboard is only possible when using the special magnetic key, and it automatic locks as the cupboard closes.

Double Door Block

£5.99 Pack of 2

Pure White or Dark Grey

Fred’s Double Door Block needs a strong a 2-way squeeze to remove, impossible for little ones to achieve. Unlike traditional double door systems, it won’t be possible for a toddler to pull the doors slightly open, so no finger traps.

Socket Covers

£4.99 Pack of 6

Pure White

Every house has plug sockets, 50% of which are never used, and these act as a magnet for toddlers who will copy you and try to plug things in – anything from hair straighteners to electric fires. Child-proof your sockets with these smooth ‘no grip’ covers. The clever two-step lift and pull mechanism makes them adult friendly.

Door Slam Stopper

£5.99 Pack of 2

Pure White or Dark Grey

Tiny fingers get trapped in closing doors in the blink of an eye! To prevent this, Fred’s Door Slam Stopper sits on either the top or the side of the door and stops it from shutting fully. The Slam Stopper clamps firmly onto doors up to 45mm thick and comes with an EZ-Dock to safely store it at night (when doors should be kept closed for fire safety).

Drawer Catches

£5.99 Pack of 2 top drawer catches or £4.99 Pack of 2 Lower Drawer Catches

Hidden out of sight and designed for drawers (and cupboards) the Fred catches take just seconds to fit. Automatic locking, and finger proof catches. Use the Top Drawer Catches where there is an overhanging worktop, the Lower ones everywhere else.

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