Hello bum bag! Oh how we've missed you!

In the 80's, bum bags were a wardrobe staple, and the must-have accessory that nobody would be seen without. And for good reason, in my opinion, since they offer a holdall solution like no other. Light weight. portable. practical. Everything you need in today's over-loaded, fast-paced and time-constrained lifestyles. And so the bum bag is about to make a come back. The only surprise to me is why it didn't happen sooner, since the gap in the market (particularly the parenting market) for a hands-free and accessible place to hold all those everyday essentials (keys, wallet, phone) is long overdue a bum bag shaped solution. Particularly when all hands and arms are occupied with carrying children, car seats, change bags, and so on, nothing beats the feeling of not having to rummage through endless bags for a ringing phone. I for one can't wait to get my hands on one of the most modern incarnations of this retro accessory, but how best to choose one with so many different colours, fabrics and designs to complicate the decision-making process? The 2018 take on the bum bag may be devoid of the fluorescents of their predecessors (what a pity, I say), but they have much to offer in terms of variety in style, so you could almost have one to match every occasion and outfit.

Our top 6 favourites are as follows:

Springer Comfy Coral Bum Bag £22.00 www.eastpak.com Tan Double Pocket Bum Bag £9.99 www.newlook.co.uk Tropic London Skinnydip London £18 https://www.skinnydiplondon.com Matt & Nat Aki Red Bum Bag £77.00 www.urbanoutfitters.com asos Mix Quilted Bum Bag £18 www.asos.co.uk Topshop leather bum bag £28 www.topshop.com