'I promised myself that I would stay stylish'

Dress Like a Mum Founder Zoë de Pass gives us her top ten wardrobe essentials


I'm Zoë, I live in London, I love fun and fashion and I promised myself that I would stay stylish and keep my love for clothes regardless of dealing with the madness of 2 kids (with a third on the way!)


I want to change the bad rep and perception that mums can't dress; that we automatically lose our sense of style and our passion for fashion just because we have a kid or two, because we don't.


I started my DRESS LIKE A MUM project because I frequently receive comments such as 'you don't look or dress like a mum', 'I can't believe you have two kids' and I couldn’t work out if this was a compliment or not and if it is, why is this?


My mission is to make the high street a better place for Mums and Mums to be to shop - I feel like we have been an overlooked demographic and that massive assumptions (eg. we do not need / want to be fashionable while pregnant/ nursing) are being made about us.  


I believe that we need to educate retailers and brands, help them understand what it means for a body and a mind to grow a baby and in turn help them cater for us better"


Top ten wardrobe essentials:

1. A leather biker jacket 

2. A decent pair of jeans

3. Trainers 

4. A cashmere jumper

5. Something leopard print

6. A statement handbag

7. Sunglasses

8. Perfectly fitting tshirt

9. A sequin jacket, dress and jumpsuit 

10. A black tuxedo 






See Zoe's article in our spring issue




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