''I WILL stick to my resolutions this year"

I hate making New Year’s resolutions, because I always break them...usually within less than 24 hours...

‘I won’t drink wine in January’ ‘I won’t eat chocolate’

‘I won’t shout at the kids, even when they are kicking off at lunch with the in-laws’

The list is endless...

When I look back at 2017, I see a roller coaster of emotions. The highs of Faith getting star of the week or AJ learning to wee on the toilet without spraying every wall in there! Then there’s the lows of being a slave to the kitchen and nothing you cook ever being good enough to the demands of a 5 year old.

No one said it was easy being a parent, but let’s at least start the New Year with an optimistic approach and make our resolutions towards becoming a better parent.

Mine this year are.... - be more patient (in general, even with Hugh)

- stop the swearing (Faith is at the age she is picking up on things!)

- put down my phone more often, especially when the kids ask for Mummy

- play outside more, even when wet

- have more ''me'' time! I know I have a great life, but I don't ever get to just sit, on my couch, in my living room and appreciate my four walls! It’s the simple things...

See, making them is easy! Now repeat after me - ''I will stick to my resolutions towards becoming a better parent.'' Well, at least for more than 24 hours....

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