The challenge of age-gap siblings

Hello lovely readers! I’m so thrilled to be the new columnist for Mums Magazine. I really hope you enjoy my column as much as I will sharing my trials and tribulations of being a mum to my two gorgeous boys, Corey (12), and Raffi (23 months).

I’m going to be candidly honest and not dress it up that I’m one of these perfect mothers that gets everything right, because I don’t! As we know, children don’t come with a manual and we just try our best and hope that they develop into great human beings.

As you can see, there’s a rather big age-gap between my two children and I’ll admit, it’s a little tricky at times! I mean, don’t get me wrong, regardless of your children’s ages, parenting has its challenges, but I’m talking in terms of finding things to do that entertain them both. If it’s not Corey being bored in a soft-play centre, it’s Raffi getting frustrated not being able to run around with his big brother, wanting to do what only big boys can do, and as you can imagine, that’s far too dangerous for a 2-year old! All I can say is that there’s been a whole load of bribery this summer, which has cost me!

Teenagers aren’t happy with a cupcake; they want cash! However, I have to be honest, Corey’s an excellent big brother; he loves playing with Raffi and even helps change nappies...bonus!

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