Nappies at age 5... right or wrong?

I’d like to think I’m quite an open minded mum. I don’t pre judge other mums on their parenting, as I think each child needs a different approach. But before becoming a mum, I suppose like the rest of us, I had my own thoughts and opinions on the way I would be a parent. I used to say

‘’I’d never let my kids sit on an I pad in a restaurant, how anti social.’’ Then I had kids, I wanted to eat my food too.. I gave them the Ipads.‘’I’d breast feed as long as my little cherub needs it. After all, breast is best.’’ Then Faith chewed on my nipple so much it almost fell off, so it was ‘bye bye’ breast, ‘hello’ little bottle of joy! ‘’I’d have my kids potty trained and out of nappies before they started nursery.’’ Then came my kids.

Faith took to the toilet training really well, after all there was a chocolate button every time she went. She likes her food.. but at night? Not so good. She’s almost 6 and she’s the only one in her class that still wears nappies during the night. She’s embarrassed, and told me many times not to tell anyone (sorry Faith if you read this.) She won’t sleep over at her friends house in case they laugh at her, and that kills me. It’s not for the lack of trying, so don’t judge me! I’ve tried all the tactics; The rewards, the score charts, the no water at night, the disturbed wee break and yes, even the threats and arguments. But we’ve never gone one night without her wetting the bed or her nappy. After 3-4 nights in a row of changing and cleaning and crying and shouting and exhaustion... I just gave up! I’m stressed out, she’s stressed out, and I don’t think I can take anymore disappointment on her face when she comes in at 2 am and tells me ‘’mummy I’m sorry I’ve wet my bed again’’. So what do we do? Answer is, wait. She’s smart enough to know she’s late in the training. and to tell me when she believes she’s ready. In time, in her own time, she will be ready, right? I hope so…

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