Summer holiday sleep worries

Research finds that 90% of parents worry about the hygiene of rented travel cots on holiday.

Just the thought of travelling with a baby can be daunting enough, particularly for first-time parents, but one particular concern which worries 90%* of parents is the safety and hygiene of a rented travel cot. These are the findings, as revealed from a national survey conducted by premium travel cot brand BabyHub, creators of SleepSpace – a revolution in design and a multi-functional safe space for babies and toddlers. Whether it’s a family weekend away or a baby’s first holiday abroad, most parents are likely to need a travel cot, for sleep or play, at some point. However BabyHub has discovered that the majority of parents are likely to think twice about laying their little ones on a used or rented travel cot, with as many as 86%* of parents saying they were concerned about letting their baby sleep on a mattress that had been used many times before, and 87%* are especially concerned about the cleanliness and hygiene of rented travel cots. Anyone with a small child knows that spillages, accidents and tantrums can often occur at naptime, and this takes an inevitable toll on the bedding and framework of a travel cot. When it comes to rented or borrowed travel cots, not knowing how many times they have been used, to what extent and if they have received the proper care and attention to keep them clean and to a safe standard is a prime concern for families on the move. Despite these concerns, only 59%* of parents said they would always check the quality and upkeep of a hotel travel cot before they travel. Child Sleep Safety** guidelines advise that if you are using a second-hand mattress for small babies, to make sure the mattress was completely protected by a waterproof cover and is firm and flat. The new SleepSpace, from BabyHub is the ideal solution for keeping babies and toddlers safe, it offers a multi-functional safe space, and can be used as travel cot, play area, insect-free zone and children’s play teepee and it’s also the world’s first travel cot to feature a safe-to-use mosquito net cover.

BabyHub SleepSpace is priced at £169 and The SleepSpace Teepee Pack is priced at £29.

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