Sit back, put your feet up and enjoy a day off chores because today (7th April 2017) is No Housework Day. After a hard day’s work, the last thing you want to do is go home and be faced with those dirty dishes, that pile of muddy washing and that mantelpiece coated in dust. However, No Housework Day is the one day you can leave the mess for another day, or even invest in some handy gadgets that will do the work for you, giving you that extra half an hour to watch your favourite TV show. To help you on your way ‘No Housework Heaven’, the new search engine has revealed their four top gadgets guaranteed to help you with those dreaded chores!

Robot Vacuum Cleaner - £164.99

When you think of housework one of the first things that springs to mind is often vacuuming. However, the remotely-controlled VILEDA 145096 Relax Robot Vacuum Cleaner uses intelligent sensors to detect and avoid obstacles, allowing you to simply turn it on and watch it do the rest! The vacuum works on both hard floors, laminates, tiles and short pile carpets meaning it can cover your entire house. The charge lasts up to 80 minutes and is quieter than the majority of other cleaners.

Clothes Folder - £19.31

How many times have you spent hours ironing your t shirts only to find them crumpled in the bottom of your drawers a few days later? This nifty tool allows you to neatly fold your tops, t-shirts and shirts in a uniform way, so they can be piled in your draws with no creases! The 123 Fold Clothes Folder is extremely easy to use and makes the clothes folding process quick and easy.

Robot Mop - £58.72

One of the worst things about mopping the floor is getting sore knees from kneeling down for a long time. However, now you can simply set the robot mop on the case and watch the dirt disappear. The UBOT Robot Mop cleans the floor in a spinning motion, and is operated on batteries, so no need to think ahead about charging it up!

Avocado Cutter - £10.59

Do you spend your journey home from work thinking about how much time you are going to have to spend cooking in the evening? Small, simple appliances such as this Furubeji Avocado Cutter reduces this time, by slicing the avocado evenly, leaving no waste and no extra washing up.