Photo by Cayetana Wilcox at Earth, Water & Soul

There’s a saying that “you can’t pour from an empty cup”. If you, like most mothers out there, are not receiving your fair share of TLC on a daily basis, then it’s likely you will know the feeling well. Whether you’re a new mum, have pre-school aged toddlers or a ground-down seasoned pro, then you’re probably guilty of not putting enough back in the tank, physically, mentally and spiritually.

“I saw the response of my clients to the facial massage” says Maidenhead resident Meli Paramio Lopez “and it was at that point in the full body massage when they truly relaxed.” Fascinated by the power of touch to the face, Meli - already a qualified aromatherapist, Reiki master and masseuse - began studying Japanese tsuboki facial massage, acupressure points and energy meridians; for her, facial reflexology was an organic step forward.

Reflexology can improve conditions like insomnia, stress, tension headaches, and even IBS. It’s believed that the face is a more direct healing route because it’s closer to the brain and has more blood flow than the hands or feet. “Clients are always surprised at how intensely relaxing the treatment is, even people who don’t relax easily cannot help but drift into a dream-like state.”

Meli offers the Danish Sorensensistem technique. Developed by Lone Sorensen the unique facial massage incorporates a blend of eastern tradition, South American tribal body maps and western anatomical and physiological insight. The Sorensensistem treatment initiates a natural response in the entire body leading to better blood and energy circulation, strengthened nerve function to the brain, lymphatic supply and improved muscle tone in the face. “A glowing complexion is a welcome side effect of facial reflexology” says Meli, “the treatment lifts the muscles in the face leaving your skin looking smoother and more toned.”

“Facial Reflexology is the ideal way to ll your cup” says Meli. “My clients keep coming back because they know they are in a safe space where they can fully relax, knowing they will leave in a better place than when they arrived.”

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Photo by Cayetana Wilcox at Earth, Water & Soul

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