Ion Paciu, founder and tutor at Photoion Photography School, has some top tips on capturing images of little ones.

Lighting – Keep in mind where the light is coming from and speculate any available sources of light including any windows, lamps.

Activities/Play – odds are you will only get one chance to capture your little one playing or doing something hilarious or funny. When you say do that again or one more time for the camera, they won’t. Make sure you are ready, plan in advance and pay attention to what’s happening.

Capture more than just the obvious – be aware of the surroundings, wait and be patient and capture the real moments.

Zoom in and capture tiny fingers and chubby little toes. Shoot the way she holds your hand, smiles as she sleeps and laughs out loud with a gummy smile.

Keep it simple – You don’t need a lot going on in the background. Keep the focus on your little one and possibly crop the image to remove and distractions.

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