February 15, 2020

Nothing puts a dampener of a weekend’s family fun quite like a grumpy baby, which is why every mum’s bag is predictably designed for what can only be described as....‘damage limitation.’

Snacks, toys, drinks, dummy, nappy cream... leaving home without ANY of the above w...

February 4, 2020

Time spent outdoors can be limited during the winter months, but when it comes to mental health (for parents AND children) making the effort to achieve even a small dose of daily fresh air can pay dividends!

For children, outside spaces offer the opportunity of unstruct...

July 15, 2019

Every day I work with mums who have or are experiencing burnout or hormonal dysfunction. As a Functional Nutritionist working in women’s health,  this is my area of expertise but it also a topic close to my heart. In my early thirties, I suffered with adrenal dysfunct...

July 3, 2019

It was October 2017 and I was heavily pregnant with my first daughter, Violet Esme. I was ten days overdue and waiting patiently for her to make her appearance!

Once my waters finally broke, after a couple of trips back and forth to the hospit...

The topic of prenatal exercise is one for which there are many (very different) schools of thought. Almost all of these have, at some point or another, proved open to some form of media critique or debate. From ‘doing too much’ to ‘not doing enough’, many celebrities i...

March 21, 2019

My name is Aoife and I live in Edinburgh with my husband Keith and our three children. Dillon, 7, Ciara,6, and Hugo 2. When Ciara was born we discovered she has Down Syndrome. It was a huge shock and took time to adjust to but what really happened was our perspective...

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