Oct 12, 2018

Baby Loss Awareness Week


In 2004 the unimaginable happened. My beautiful daughter Marnie Mae died suddenly in the middle of the night. She was just six weeks of age. The cause? Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. At the time, we felt completely unsupported by healthcare services. We were never offered any support, counselling or any signposting that could have helped us.

In 2009 I set up The Foundation for Infant Loss. We offer training to midwives and other healthcare professionals so that we can raise levels of bereavement care across the UK.

We work frequently with bereaved families and we have set up an online directory for bereaved parents and we cover everything from assisting with funeral guidance and funding, providing memory boxes, signposting to a suitably trained counselling professional, support with legal issues, support for siblings and help and support with subsequent pregnancies after loss.

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