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Mcfly band member and Dad Tom Fletcher talk about getting ready for Big School

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Research findings released recently reveal that over a third of parents (39%) haven’t prepared for their child starting at school this September... READ MORE

Top Tips for Preparing for Nursery Graduation

Far Away Land Poster

Tell a Fairy

Tale Day

26th February


'There are times in school sport, when children come to learn that slow and steady (as opposed to speed and agility) is what wins the race...' READ MORE

'What sport at school taught me'

School Diversity Week

2nd - 6th July

This week over 500,000 pupils and teachers are celebrating LGBT+ equality! Help end homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in schools by holding an event to champion LGBT+ equality

Play can teach children a lot about money, and this is more important in the early years than we often give it credit for.

For a child who’s not long out of nappies, they may be some way off knowing what money actually is, but they can certainly begin to grasp some of the habits that will go towards good money management in future.READ MORE

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