Behind the blog...

Caroline Matthews

Editor and Founder, Mums Magazine


Hi, I’m Caroline, and I’m the content creator behind Mums Magazine online.

I started Mums Magazine in 2010, at which point it was a local print magazine, focused on bringing together parenting news and information from across the Berkshire area.

After going digital in 2017, the regional focus was switched to a broader coverage of parenting topics, evolving again into the 'blogazine' format it is today in 2018.

The last 10 years have seen a lot of changes, and I would like to think that the magazine has moved with the times, in particularly more recently with the advent of social media.

When I’m not 'behind the blog', I’m now Mum to to two children - who are 4 and 2.

The balance of work and family life has been a positive learning curve overall, and the direction that having children myself has taken the magazine in, has certainly been to its advantage.​


Hopefully, this provides some insight into the person and history behind the Mums Magazine brand, which by all accounts doesn't necessarily conform to the standard magazine format, but which I like to think makes the platform unique.